Love Forest on map

Love Tree can be planted anywhere with permission of the landowner. Tree must be suitable for the area,  planted properly and taken care of, specially during the first couple of years (safety net and watering might be needed).

Love Forest is a universal forest made up of the trees planted all over Finland – and around the world.

In addition, some cities, municipalities and individual forest owners have provided specific places to plant Love Trees and will name the areas as “Rakkauden Metsä – Love Forest.” More information about these forests is provided in the menu on website: Love Forest Map.

The first area named as Rakkauden Metsä – Love Forest will be opened in Helsinki suburban area Vuosaari the 28th of August 2020. Love Forest Vuosaari is an initiative of the City Councilor Leo Stranius (The Greens in Finland). Helsinki City will inform about the opening ceremony and practical issues on their website and all the information will be updated on Love Forest websites. There will be place for 280 trees to plant.

Do you want to offer forest or proper area for forestation for planting Love Trees? Please contact: Anu Nylund, Mood of Finland (