Love Forest Salo

Love Forest Finland, bacecamp in Salo

Sanna Katajainen and Timo Sippo (Nuorcamino), a couple from Salo who have done long hikes and are planning new routes again, took the initiative to establish Love Fores Finland basecamp in Salo.

The representatives of  City of Salo tackled the task very quickly and with an encouraging attitude.
The opening event of Love Fores Finland Salo will be celebrated in May 2023.
Special thanks to City Gardener Matti Nikander!

The area is owned by Cityof Salo, and the ownership of the trees thus also belongs to the city. Love Forest basecamp is a recreation area for everyone. Planting a tree is a beautiful memory and the growth of the tree can be followed from generation to generation.

Love Forest Finland, Salo basecamp, opening event:

Time: Sun 21 May 2023 from 13:00 to 15:00
Place: Viitanlaakso residential area, at the end of Pihaniitynkuja

  • Buy a planting package in the online store no later than 10 May 2023 (link will open soon)
  • On the opening day, we bring the seedlings, shovels and buckets to the site for watering.
  • We help with the planting and if you want, we can take a picture as a memory for you.
  • A forest welcome drink and forest biscuits are available at the event.
  • If you wish, you can also bring your own picnic snacks with you.


Tip: Give a memorable Mother’s Day gift this year. Invite mother or grandmother to a joint tree-planting excursion to the opening event of Love Forest Salo and buy a beautiful certificate as a souvenir.

After the opening
You can plant your own tree in Salon Rakkaus Metsä according to the instructions. Read the instructions after 21 May 2023 here. After the event, each planter chooses his favorite from the trees on the list and buys a tree seedling himself (prices 20-80€/seedling). You can buy a certificate for planting a tree in Rakkaus Metsä’s online store.