Rakkauden Metsä – Love Forest Finland  is a concept implemented in accordance with the values ​​of Mood of Finland Company: Creative, Inspiring, Responsible – together with others, in good mood.

Love Forest is both a physical place – named as Love Forest –  where symbolic trees can be planted  and a forest made up of trees planted around Finland and in future around the whole world. The concept consists of planting trees as symbol of love and of donating money for nature conservation.

First you need to reduce emissions and secondly you can compensate. Love Forest concept offers one  option to compensate emissions.  In addition to preserving and increasing carbon sinks, we also want to remind you of the importance of  biodiversity.

Nature has given us so much and now it´s time for us to support and protect it.

Would you like to be our partner in Love Forest community?

Love Forest partnership can mean at least the following forms of cooperation:

  1. The municipality, city, or private landowner provides the land for planting the trees of Love.
    This place will be named as Love Forest (and then name of the place) and  forest will be marked on Love Forest Map. Contact information will be added to the website and social media accounts.
    Owner of the forest informs when and what kind of trees can be planted in the forest, and information will be added to the Love Forest site.
    Other campaigns can be done to support visibility as agreed.
    Wood planters buy the Love Forest product online.
    The landowner must take care of the conditions for the natural growth of the trees, but there is no special obligation to protect.
  2. Tourism companies can include the Love Forest concept as part of their service package.
    This can mean for example, that the nature tourism entrepreneur can include the planting of a tree as part of the excursion. This is a great way to incorporate the story of nature, the importance of nature conservation, equality and love as part of the visitor’s experience. Increasingly, tourists want to be involved in doing good. Doing good together causes a memory that is likely to remain in our minds rest of the life.

Love Forest concept always includes both planting trees and donating to nature conservation.

The world’s first Love Forest has been opened in Loppi  in June 2020 in southern Finland – in lands owned by the founder (Anu Nylund) of the concept

Love Forest Vuosaari, Helsinki opening event is  in August 2020.
Love Forest Vuosaari is a pilot and part of a larger project in the City of Helsinki.
Stay tuned, more information will be found on our websites and in social media posts.

For more information, please contact:

Anu Nylund
Mood of Finland