Plant your Love Tree

Love Tree is a symbol of love.  The moment of planting the tree can be photographed and the picture shared with a story on Love Forest social media channels.  Your Love Tree will be part of your life and personal story to share with your beloved ones and you can follow the growth of your tree.  However, tree always grows under natural conditions which means that even though we hope the tree reaches the age of the old forest, sometimes the life cycle of a tree can be short and we need to accept it.

Planting a Love Tree is a symbolic environmental act, and the actual significant environmental act is to allocate funds to nature conservation, in Finland by donating to the Natural Heritage Foundation, which invests funds in the protection of primeval forests and in the restoration of swamps.

Instructions for planting Love Tree

  • You can plant Love Tree at any time and in any licensed area with the permission of the landowner.
  • Specific  places for planting trees are also available (see items under Love Forest Map).
  • We inform about the planting events, we sometimes organize, on our social media and websites
  • The forest owner is responsible for the care of the tree and is maintains as the owner of the tree
  • You can buy a tree seedling to be planted in any garden shop in your area
  • Buy the Love Forest -product online shop
  • Fill in the required information
  • Love Forest concept includes always funds to protect nature.
  • You will receive an electronic or printed certificate of Love Forest with the information you provide.
  • Printed certificates are printed on hand made paper made in Finnish Lapland.
  • The location of the tree is added to the Love Forest map and the story of the tree can be added to a shared site if desired.
  • Location information is at city or municipal level.
  • You can participate in the campaign all year round.
  • Add the location of the tree and the date of planting even if it´s already planted or will be planted afterwards (the tree can only be planted in unfrozen soil).
  • Love Trees will eventually form the Global Love Forest – without any specific frontiers
  • Take a picture of the moment of tree planting, share it with a short story on your social media account and add #loveforest #loveforestfinland #rakkaudenmetsä @rakkaudenmetsa