Story of Love Forest

The story of Love Forest Finland begun in March 2016, in World Forest Day, while I was running in a forest in southern part of Finland. Before leaving home, I had read news about love locks and the problems they cause in European cities.

While running, I wondered what would be an ecological option for the locks when wanting to show love and leave a memory of it. Forests! Trees nominated to beloved ones! Planting trees and protect carbon sinks! This is how the idea was born!  I have been developing the idea with help of some wonderful persons since then.

Nature is a mayor tourist attraction in Finland and our relationship with nature is special. We want to protect nature and do good. The idea of ​​Love Forest has been refined as an universal way of showing love and protecting nature: tree is a symbol of love and can be planted either in specially designated Love Forests or in any licensed area.

It is up to the planter to determine the object of love and to whom the symbolic tree is donated; it can be another person, a pet or even nature itself. Planting a tree is only one part of the concept; you are also invited to donate money for nature conservation to make it more meaningful as part of climate action.

Love Forest grows worldwide – wherever Love Trees grow. Love Forest concept connects people willing to influence for better future and it also gathers stories of love all over the world. Love is stronger than hate.

We believe in dreams! Love Forest is a dream come true!

I invite you to join our journey to make Love Forest a global community that combines nature protection and love.
With love,
Anu Nylund, Mood of Finland